Woodlawn's Summer Interns Arrive

Thanks to our friend Christina Allen, we are able to invite our first two interns to Woodlawn for the month of August. Anna Almstorfer and Sabine Stubauer arrived from Austria on July 28th. Their first week brought lots of joy to the work crew, inspired by their knowledge of plants, agriculture, and interest in all things American. 

Anna and Sabine are students at HBLA Elmberg in Linz, Austria and they are required to participate in three internships before their graduation.  In addition to their first internships in Austria, Anna spent last summer in Denmark, and Sabine's second internship was in Finland.  This summer they chose to travel to the U.S. and to work at Woodlawn and Jubilee Farms with us.  

This blog is dedicated to their experiences and observations. The first picture is of their kayaking expedition on Blake Creek near Jubilee Farm.