Greetings from Jubilee Farm! It has been a long and chaotic last few weeks here on the farm so forgive me for not posting anything until now. While things have not exactly slowed down, it finally seems like most of the machines are working, the barns are looking ship shape, and the wine is bottled and ready to sell.

It is hard to imagine that just over six weeks ago we had not harvested the grapes or even held a single wedding at Jubilee. Oh how times have changed.    

Save for  incessant rain showers at both Jubilee and Woodlawn on Saturday - thanks Matthew, things were seamless and pleasant. The new mower arrived early last week and oh boy is she a beauty. Let me just tell you this is not you're father’s John Deere push mower. With a six foot deck and zero degree turning the grounds at both Jubilee and Woodlawn are looking tighter than ever.

It has been a huge advantage having all the machines working especially since the days are starting to get shorter and the evenings chillier!  

I am signing off for now - feel free to come by. You might catch us kicking around the hacky sack or on the slackline, but most likely you'll just have to try some Slack Tide Blanc and watch us work!

Cheers! Angus

Sunset over the water at Woodlawn Farm 

Sunset over the water at Woodlawn Farm