Angus Viebranz mastering the farm activities

Angus joined us just as Rita Trommelschlaeger and Viki Hoetzendorfer were leaving the US to return to HBLA Elmberg in Linz, Austria.  Rita spent last summer in Denmark and Viki was in Ireland. Now they can add Washington, D.C., New York City, and Jubilee and Woodlawn Farms to their travel notes.  We miss them both.

Angus is in a gap year from Middlebury College and since he comes from a family of creative sorts who bridge the business and non-profit worlds quite readily, he agreed to continue the blog this fall.  Stay tuned for more from Angus.  He and I are both hoping to learn the craft of the single skull this fall --- from the resident expert Tuck.  Cool day today so the thought of gliding the waters on the creek is enticing.

We all love our little notes from Rita and Viki and mine is right here on my desk. Thanks Rita and Viki!