Days Off....

Today is a day off.  Viki and Rita were swimming this morning and we're waiting for their chariot (car) to go to a meal and maybe another movie .... and maybe the Calvert Marine Museum where they can observe otters and sift through sand to find sharks teeth.

But I have to tell you that last Friday they went to the Annapolis Mall.  When I picked them up, Rita said "Can we please go back to Marshalls, as my friend in CA said it's a place with great prices."   

So I spent money, too.  Yikes, shopping is dangerous!

Here is a photo shoot upon our return.  They hit Forever 21, which you can apparently find in Austria, but not so Victoria's Secret.  Notice the pink and black bags....



PS Tuck thinks their wine bottle skills are spot on!  They got his gold seal of approval.