Sharkie and the 2 Vocal Fries!....

Here I am today, ready to retire to the garden. So much to do, so little time...


My mother looks like a small innocent little Dutch girl. Don't be fooled. She's a dancing maven, just like the others below. I'll send her dancing diva photos once I get her permission (yes, I'm ever the obedient daughter).  TRUST ME, if you're 96.5 and dancing, you're doing JUST FINE!

So as I'm trying to work hard at my desk today, my mother (c. 1922) issues a phone call interruptus and then I get a video from my niece Maggie, c. 1989, vocal fry 2012) showing what I was afraid of: the rest of the family has gone mad (Katie, c. 1994, vocal fry 2016).

First watch Martha and the Vandellas Ed Sullivan 1965:

Then see if you don't think these 3 are maybe going to make it on to the stage. Take it away, fam: SHARKIE AND THE 2 VOCAL FRIES: U. Sharkie, M.O. Macleay and K.L. Macleay. SHARKIE AND THE TWO VOCAL FRIES!!!!

Where the hell is my sister, Missaroonis?

--- AM (Aunt Maggie c. 1953, Chem PhD, VF [Vocal Fry] & TM [Total Meltdown] 1981/2/3, respectively. 1984 - Present, Like JM Barrie, still searching for Neverland.