First day off (;


Today, our first day off `officially` began as mentioned by Hanni with the trip to Jubilee Farm, where we learned to fish at first in the living room and after that in a real pond nearby. As suspected, i had no luck with that and didn`t catch any fish despite being right beside the other girls. Nevermind, i didn`t take that to heart and was looking forward to the wine tasting with Maggie. We got 3 white wines, 2 rose wines, 2 red wines and a sparkling Moscato, which was the best wine we tasted this afternoon. As Maggie realized how much all of us liked this wine she mentioned that there are 2 more bottles in the cellar but that we are only allowed to drink one bottle per day haha ;)

During the wine tasting Jim, Jack, Tucker and Michael a vegan-vegetable-farmer joined us and we talked a lot about vegetables and farmer things. What a surprise. Moreover, we planned a vegetable barbecue Wednesday with Michael, where he will show us how to prepare and cook vegetables he grows. He is a certified chef. We are also looking forward to that and our beloved Moscato wine.

—Eva Aschauer, July/14/2019