Just caught my first fish :)


Today was our free day. My day started at half past 6 with a little workout outside. After that I made breakfast for Jojo and Lisa. I prepared some yogurt with fruits for the girls. Maggie took us at 8 in the morning to Jubilee Farm where we went fishing. First of all, Maggie showed us how to use the fishing rods. We then went to a little fish pond near the farm where we could fish. Lisa threw the rod in the lake and a few minutes later she held the first fish in her hands. I had a rod which was a bit difficult (three feet longer!) but even I caught two fish. Surprisingly, Jojo caught 3 and Eva 0. It was so much fun. Tucker invited us to eat hamburgers and hot dogs with him and the brewer, Dan. It was such a hot day we were lucky to then cool down in the pool.

I had to read a chapter from a book called SlackWater by Anne Grulich. The chapter is about the special landscapes of Maryland and the cultural changes which people have dealt with.

— Johanna Heigl, 07|14|2019