Sticky rice :P

Today Eva and I had to cook lunch for Maggie, Jim, Tucker and ourselves, of course. We made curry with rice which is one of my favorite dishes. Turns out that Americans make rice with one cup of water and one cup of rice while in Austria we make it in relation 1:2. Because of that, the rice was a little sticky. Sorry about that :/

After lunch we were just cleaning the chairs for the wedding on Saturday. We also cleaned and refilled the bar with different sodas. Tomorrow Maggie will show us how to wallpaper. I am really looking forward to that because she always talks about wallpapering. :)

A few days ago, Maggie told us to read a chapter in a book named SlackWater. I had to read the chapter “Farming is a Business”, where James Norris talks about agriculture and other topics.

—Julia Haslinger, 07/15/2019