Romantic Wedding

On Saturday we had our first romantic wedding at Woodlawn. After Jojo, Hanni and Lisa drove to New York we started the preparations for the special day for two lovers. 

We were setting up tables and chairs and weeded the whole area infront of the house, so everything looked beautiful. At 4:30 pm the Ceremony began. I couldn‘t imagine how wonderful it would be. At first glance I could see that they are very much in love. Afterwards was the Father-Bride-Dance and the Mother-Groom-Dance. Maggie cried because it was very emotinal. Accordingly everyone enjoyed the lemon herbed salmon, herb roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. They had a wedding cake and a lot of cute and colourful cupcakes. 

It was a great experience to see an American wedding with so lovely people. 

I congratulate you for your marriage and wish you both a beautiful forever.


-Elisabeth Lindinger