Daytrip to Washington DC

Sunday we went to Washington DC. We got up very early in the morning which means we all slept the whole journey to the city.

After 2 hours we arrived in the popular city of Washington, DC. First of all we started our trip through the town at the White House. From there we moved ahead to the Washington Monument. Afterwards, we decided to go to the Botanical Garden. The garden was beautiful and there were lots of different plants from all over the world. Then we walked straight to the Capitol Building were we took a hundred pictures (as you can see one up here).

Next we continued our daytrip to visit the Museum of Natural History. There we saw skeletons from dinosaurs, different animals and a lot more. At about 5 o'clock in the evening we started our trip back home.

On the way home we got so hungry because of our 9 km walk that we stopped at McDonald's. We concluded there is really not a difference between the Austrian and the American McDonald's because they are both tasty.

When we arrived at Woodlawn we jumped in to the shower and went straight to bed.
-- Lisa Hammer 8/6/2019